The Real "LASKA"...yummy!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 / Posted by vinmaker / comments (0)

Normal : RM 6

Special : RM 8 only!!
This is what i called the REAL LAKSA...
It is "undescribable" and "unbelivable"! I bet some of u have tried this laksa before and it's really really really yummy!The prawns are sweet and Q Q (crispy) (don't ask me why,hehe).

Now, pls use ur fingers and calculate the prawn now.:)Got the answer?

Here u go...

Location : Chong Lin Park, Jalan Tabuan Kuching


It's almost 3 months!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008 / Posted by vinmaker / comments (1)

It has been almost 3 months since i signed in last time.....

I just realised that when a friend of mine invited me to view her blog cos she is going to get marry very soon next year and she is posting all her wedding plan on her blog,well,a sweet one.

I still wondering why im so so busy these days and as a matter of fact, it seems like time really flies.Raya is jsut around the corner and Xmas will be next and 2009 is just right b4 us!!Somemore Chinese New Yeas is in Jan 09.Really cant believe it as we o just celebrated CNY 08 rite?!ooohh..

Im telling myself everyday that i MUST take leaves and go vacation but till now im still grounded at the same place.Me n ky are planning to free ouselves from this hectic life but unfortunately we are getting busier n busier especially ky. It's so suffering :(

Oooh...the schedule for this week is packed again!!Church camp, wedding dinner, practise etc....

Go go go go go HOLIDAYSS~ vinky~!